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Mechathlon 2005

Engineering Inspirations

The Mechathlon 2005 got off to a cracking start at this years Engineering Inspirations Event at Elvington Air Museum. Nineteen teams took part for the first time from 10 different schools in the City of York and North Yorkshire areas.

The mechathlon sprint

Each team brought their own version of a Mechathlete to take part in up to five different events over a period of two hours from half past ten to half past twelve. (See the Mechathlon web pages for more details)

Each team was allowed to make as many modifications to their Mechathlete as they wanted too during the event, so long as they kept the same body. There was a lot of frantic work going on in the pits throughout the competition and despite their lack of experience all the teams did very well but, what a lot of the teams did not realise was that there were lots of points to be gained just by attempting an event. Carefully analyse the score sheets and you will see that one team might have come second if they had only attempted the Weight Lift and not given it a bye.


Congratulations must go to Huntington School for building two outstanding Mechathletes that made a consistent effort over all five of the events. This lead to Team A, coming in first and Team B, coming in second, well done.

Special mention must also go to Harrogate Granby High School Team A, who came first in both the Shot Putt and the Hill Climb, to Oaklands School Team A, who came first in the Long Jump and to Easingwold School Team A, who came first in the Weight Lift.

Next Year?

To all those of you who didn't get chance to take part this year and would like the chance to do so next year, please contact Tony Simons at NYBEP and make your intentions clear, there are still some starter kits available if you get in quick.

We cannot let Huntington School get away with winning the first and second place trophies again next year, so get planning and building, and remember, guys, it all comes down to the gear box!

Where is Harrogate Grammar School when you need them?

Best wishes and congratulations to everyone; I hope to see you all again next year.

Kieron McGeever


Overall Scores

First Place 20 points, Second Place 18 points, All other places minus 1point for each place.

SchoolTeamSprintShot PuttLong JumpHill ClimbWeight LiftTotal PointsPosition
Huntington SchoolTeam A2016161818881
Huntington SchoolTeam B1815181616832
Oaklands SchoolTeam A1417201216793
Tadcaster GrammarTeam B1314121716724
Harrogate GranbyTeam A16201520715
Easingwold School Team A9981420606
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A15131317587
Harrogate GranbyTeam B1718119558
Ripon CollegeTeam A121295389
All Saints RC SchoolTeam B1114103510
All Saints RC SchoolTeam A14173111
Oaklands SchoolTeam B644163012
Fulford SchoolTeam B76162913
King James School Team A10152514
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam A71072415
King James School Team B8132116
Fulford SchoolTeam A6101617
All Saints RC SchoolTeam C111118
Fulford SchoolTeam C6619

Hill Climb

SchoolTeamHill Climb Distance (cm)Points
Harrogate GranbyTeam A14720
Huntington SchoolTeam A11218
Tadcaster GrammarTeam B10717
Huntington SchoolTeam B10516
King James School Team A9615
Easingwold School Team A9414
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A8913
Oaklands SchoolTeam A8112
All Saints RC SchoolTeam C6811
All Saints RC SchoolTeam B6110
Harrogate GranbyTeam B609
Fulford SchoolTeam C588
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam A507
Fulford SchoolTeam B426
Ripon CollegeTeam A315
Oaklands SchoolTeam B294
All Saints RC SchoolTeam A0
Fulford SchoolTeam A0
King James School Team B0

Long Jump

SchoolTeamLong Jump Distance (cm)Points
Oaklands SchoolTeam A6020
Huntington SchoolTeam B5918
All Saints RC SchoolTeam A5217
Huntington SchoolTeam A5216
Harrogate GranbyTeam A5115
All Saints RC SchoolTeam B4914
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A4813
Tadcaster GrammarTeam B4712
Harrogate GranbyTeam B4511
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam A4410
Ripon CollegeTeam A389
Easingwold School Team A308
Fulford SchoolTeam B297
All Saints RC SchoolTeam C256
Fulford SchoolTeam C245
Oaklands SchoolTeam B84
Fulford SchoolTeam A0
King James School Team A0
King James School Team B0

Shot Putt

SchoolTeamShot Putt Distance (m)Points
Harrogate GranbyTeam A8.120
Harrogate GranbyTeam B6.618
Oaklands SchoolTeam A617
Huntington SchoolTeam A4.216
Huntington SchoolTeam B4.0515
Tadcaster GrammarTeam B1.6514
King James School Team B0.913
Ripon CollegeTeam A0.7512
All Saints RC SchoolTeam B0.611
All Saints RC SchoolTeam C0.4810
Easingwold School Team A0.459
All Saints RC SchoolTeam A0
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam A0
Fulford SchoolTeam A0
King James School Team A0
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A0
Fulford SchoolTeam B0
Oaklands SchoolTeam B0
Fulford SchoolTeam C0


SchoolTeamSprint Time (s)Points
Huntington SchoolTeam A3.1320
Huntington SchoolTeam B3.4718
Harrogate GranbyTeam B3.7217
Harrogate GranbyTeam A3.8116
Oaklands SchoolTeam A3.9915
All Saints RC SchoolTeam A4.2514
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A5.0313
Ripon CollegeTeam A5.9412
Tadcaster GrammarTeam B6.8711
King James School Team A7.1210
Easingwold School Team A8.539
King James School Team B9.358
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam A24.597
Fulford SchoolTeam A2006
Oaklands SchoolTeam B2006
Fulford SchoolTeam C2006
All Saints RC SchoolTeam B0
Fulford SchoolTeam B0
All Saints RC SchoolTeam C0

Weight Lift

SchoolTeamWeight Lift (kg)TimePoints
Easingwold School Team A0.5120
Huntington SchoolTeam A0.2218
Tadcaster GrammarTeam A0.1317
Oaklands SchoolTeam Axxx20016
Fulford SchoolTeam Bxxx20016
Huntington SchoolTeam Bxxx20016
Oaklands SchoolTeam Bxxx20016
Tadcaster GrammarTeam Bxxx20016
All Saints RC SchoolTeam AN/A0
Archbishop Holgate'sTeam AN/A0
Fulford SchoolTeam AN/A0
Harrogate GranbyTeam AN/A0
King James School Team AN/A0
Ripon CollegeTeam AN/A0
All Saints RC SchoolTeam BN/A0
Harrogate GranbyTeam BN/A0
King James School Team BN/A0
All Saints RC SchoolTeam CN/A0
Fulford SchoolTeam CN/A0
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